Friday, January 22, 2016

Didier Comes - "The Living God" (1980)

(Note:  Didier Comes and his work are very new to me.  if my information here is incorrect, let me know so the proper changes can be made. thanks.  ~kojak)

Didier Comes (Belgium 1942 -2013) began work on his comic Ergun l'errant: Le Dieu Vivant (The Wandering Ergun:  The Living God) for the French comic magazine Pilote in 1974, but the series was canceled and revived in the Belgian magazine A Suivre in 1980.  This Spanish translation was released that same year.  Didier creates a bold mix of Kirby and Steranko filtered through his more lush European sensibilities, with masterfully designed costumes and set pieces.  As far as I can tell, there have been no recent European editions, and there has never been an English translation.  Hopefully there is a publisher out there who can change that.  Until then, here is the entire volume, for scholarly review.

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