Saturday, May 24, 2014

Moebius - "Arzach" (Metal Hurlant 1975)

Jean "Moebius" Giraud (French 1938-2012) is one of the great visionaries in art history, not limited to the world of comics.  few others have ever been able to plunge as far into their creative subconscious and translate their visions so successfully through their hand onto paper.  he produced thousands of pieces of art throughout his career, and each and every one of them stand as a humbling lesson from a great master.

in 1975, Moebius helped found the legendary French alternative comic magazine Metal Hurlant ("Screaming Metal," later published in America as Heavy Metal), ushering in a new era of international creativity in comics.  the surreal science fiction "Arzach" debuted in 1975, and became one of Moebius' most famous creations.

 he produced four 8-page full color wordless stories, a black and white silent 2-pager, and later, 1n 1987, an 8-page full color story with accompanying narration and dialogue.  collectively, these are all known as "Arzach," even though Moebius curiously messed with the spelling for each individual sequence.







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