Monday, May 23, 2016

Comics Scene magazine (vol 3 #2 1988)

Back in early 1988, well before the internet and especially before geek culture took over the world, information on comics and their creators was a little more tricky to come across.  Especially when you were a 12-year old dork in the middle of nowhere like i was.  enter Comics Scene magazine, an offshoot from the publishers of Starlog. i was just awakening to the potential of comics, as a reader and as a young creator, and this magazine opened up doors to works that would have taken me years to stumble upon otherwise.  Comic Scene didn't just focus on superhero stuff (tho this issue did sport a great McFarlane Spidey image, so my Todd-obsessed self was beyond stoked).  They shed light on some of the best creator owned works from that time:  Dave Stevens' "The Rocketeer."  Bob Burden's "The Flaming Carrot."  Howard Chaykin's "American Flagg." The Stephen Bissette-edited anthology "Taboo."  all-time classic stuff, and i'm thankful i was told about it so early on.

Although this is technically issue #2 of a third incarnation of the magazine, this is the first i had seen, so it's pretty near and dear to me.  Comic Scene went on a pretty great run over the next several years, and i grabbed a copy whenever i chanced upon one.  It was always well written with informative interviews, every piece of art had an accompanying artist credit which i constantly studied, and much of the magazine was in full color.  there were other comic-related magazines at the time, but i sure never saw em, mostly because they were only available through the comic shop direct market and there wasn't a store around me for a hundred miles.  Comic Scene was the most accessible, sitting right there on the rack at the grocery store.  and there was no pretension from the Comic Scene crew, unlike most of the other mags.  all comics were great comics, whether it was superhero stuff, bizarre off the wall shit, or dark horror.  it is still a fascinating artifact from that time, deeply informative and highly entertaining. check it out.

here is a sample of some of my favorite bits from #2: